Sustain and Grow
Where does your money go?

Water Financial facilitates investments in “sustainable” or positive impact projects.

The Vision

Water Financial channels investment funding towards  projects and organisations that are changing the world for the better, in sectors such as renewable energy, community upliftment, entrepreneurial development, social housing and organic food production.


Somehow we need to find a way to meet the needs of a growing and increasingly prosperous population within the resources of this one planet. All of us have to find a way to make better choices in what we consume and how we produce and use energy.
WWF Living Planet Report 2010

Idea worth spreading: Financial institutions should be in the background, enabling the real economy, not at the forefront as it is now. This transformation can only take place when individual savers and investors recognize their collective power and insist on greater accountability. View Presentation ~

Water (H2O)

is omnipresent, the "elixir" of life, powerful, recycles through the environment,
comes in a variety of forms and is a limited resource. Just like money.