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The ripple effect of retirement…


Like the ripples created by throwing a stone into a pond, retirement may bring turbulence. You’ve worked hard all your life to shore up the value of your most precious asset—your home—but it’s getting harder and harder for you to stay afloat. You’ve invested to ensure a peaceful and comfortable retirement, but the cost of living and healthcare have ballooned, leaving you high and dry. What’s more, as an older adult, you’re finding it very difficult to access additional funding for your retirement needs.

Why struggle to make monthly ends meet when some of the value in your beloved home may be unlocked to maintain or enhance your lifestyle—affording you financial freedom?

How to do this?

The problem

Your income is not keeping up with your expenses.

The options

Sell your home? Cut back on your standard of living? Rely on family?

The solution

Home equity finance.

What people are saying

“Our society can often be dismissive of the elderly because too often we measure and value people based on their economic productivity. It’s easy to treat those whose economically productive days have passed, as worth less or worthless. Perhaps we should rather be teaching our children that our worth as humans does not solely derive from what we do.”

“Thank you for your support as from when you learnt about my problem. It really helped. And to think that my bank that I have been with for over 55 years did not want to help!”

“Thank you for introducing me to Freedom Finance with such clarity. It’s obvious that you’ve taken a lot of trouble to tailor the product to meet the needs of retired people who wish to stay in their own home but may be struggling financially. I will definitely bear this in mind for the future and especially appreciated the absence of hard selling.”

“The home equity release finance plan offers pensioners access to a percentage of their home’s equity while they retain full ownership. Termed Freedom Finance, the loan is being offered to qualifying homeowners.”

“The academic literature on the topic suggests that reverse mortgages can be a welfare-enhancing tool to supplement pension income, or as a form of insurance.”

“(This) was exactly what a few of us ‘oldies’ had been discussing.”

“Wonderful, thank you!”

“Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for your generosity.”

“It’s like an access bond except the banks won’t give it to us at our age!”

“I like it because I think it is wonderful for someone who really is in financial strain. Doesn’t want to have to move and get rid of their only asset. If that can be helped, it doesn’t have to be permanent.”

“It’s a brilliant idea.”

“Friends of mine in the UK are doing this because they are in the position where they don’t have fluid money.”

“I can’t thank you and the team enough for providing a life saving service over the past 15 months or so to my folks.”

“Chris, I appreciate your continued support – not just financial.”

“I really want to thank you for your flexibility and help so far – looking forward to a long relationship – happy holidays!”

“The service received from Chris and his team has been exceptional, regardless that I live abroad. The interest rate is good, the process easy and I highly recommend this product as an ideal solution for anyone looking to supplement their pension.”

“Thank you again for all your support over the past few months. The Equity Release monthly payments were very beneficial for my mother. She is now in an excellent Care Home and there are enough funds to cover her needs.“

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